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My 1st superbike in 3D

     In my Internship training, I just learn a new way of design. Yeah, I learn how to do motion video and graphic, and also 3D software. It is awesome! For the first time, i think 3D modelling or structure is so hard to do, and the motion graphic also is not my expertise and I not have any interest on it. But I just think I must try to learn something new for my future, so for internship training, I trying to get into motion graphic company, and I got it. Kreateevee sdn. bhd. is one of the awesome company in Asia..:)
This is what I learn and that's not easy to render it.. take me 2 days just to render the bike, just to render it okay, not including time when I design it, the motorcycle is 100% my imagination without sketches or any others plug in.

The software for this show-reel is Blender for the 3D construction, and Adobe After Effects for the montage.

P/s- The sport-rim is not completely done because it is really hard to do it with limited time and limited knowledge about 3D software. So, this show-reel is not so awesome, yeah.. I'm just newbie in 3D software.. need a lot of training, I will continue to complete this bike, maybe a better sport-rim and add some sound to this montage....Thanks for view...:)