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Introduce myself!

Assalammualaikum and hi! I feel that I have not introduced myself yet on this blog, actually, I have two more blog, one is my personal blog and its secret for you all yeah..second is my blog about sports and this is my third blog about my photography and design stuff.. because of my professional development task I need to do it but not as a burden and I love it .. So enjoy this reading.. honestly I do not have many stories that make people fascinated, but this is my story and I love my story..^ ^
one more again, Beware of my grammar, it's totally bad and unprofessional.

The first..
This is what I love to do!

one of my goal, create a studio in my house within 3 years!
But I am really love Photojournalism and travel photography compare to the other type of photography..
because I love TRAVEL so much.

Yes! TRAVEL to grand canyon is one of my dream!
will never forget this.

awesome!!! god's creation is really awesome!

ILLUSTRATION! this is my passion to!
but now I do not have enough time for this.. urgghh 
memories of the past..
my progress to illustrated the my future superbike!
emm.. maybe not this bike but Ducati classic sport 1000c is one of my target..:)


acrylic painting

MUSIC? yes! really love it, but when it comes to music, I prefer sound around myself..
music that comes from nature, that's why I really love camping..
sleep in the jungle and you will know why it is so awesome..

and I love my FRIENDS so much..
love you all yaw...:)

I am a designer, photographer, runner and a fighter in this small awesome world!
that's all.
I hope you all enjoy with this lazy blog, 
and hopefully I did not speak again with robot ..

I know you can't hear me, but you can see me, so WATCH ME!!! :)))

P/s- bla bla bla.. sometimes I'm sound like nonsense..-.-".. ugghh!