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Architectural Photography

Architecture photography is one of my interest in photography 's scope. Architectural or architecture photography sometimes means the boring photography for photographer that crazy with modelling or portrait shooting, maybe because the building or the structure is so big or cannot move or do the posing for the photographer, and maybe not sexy enough such as women model. That's why in our country we not has many architectural photography as compared to portrait or wedding photographers. It is up to them, what's type of photography is not wrong as long as they fall in love with photography.
Architectural photography is the practice of photographing building or similar structure, both inside or out. That is what wikipedia said. So, let's see my architectural photography practices in Petaling Jaya.

P/s- Thumbs up to our country for the amazing architectural. Our country was awesome too right? ^^ so, shooting in our country for now is a good exercise for me before I am going to travel to the another country. Europe, Dubai, Japan and all country over the world! wait for me....:)