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hey you all, this is my new blog,  in my blog, i just show what i feel, only about moment that happen in my life.. i just catch all this precious moment and convert it into pictures and videos.. actually shoot some pictures and videos are my hobby and sometimes become my job, if you're lucky (i think) you can see i'm around your place with my lovely camera... i just like happy when i take my camera and shoot some moment that happen around the new place with my own way of shooting... i think too many people have their own camera and love shoot some pictures, but i have my own way how to take the pictures, and i'm really not as same as the 'photographer' that you know... anyway just enjoy my pictures and some videos... xiexie..

and actually beware of my English, its very bad grammar... just laugh at my language if you want, its very funny and sometimes very damn...haha.. i'm sick of it...