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  Everyone has their own past right? I do not really remember something that happen in the past.. yeah, maybe sometimes i remember some stories or moment that really cheerful, maybe because it make me feel happy or anything good.. but, what bout the bad or sad stories, people really try to make their good stories and just let the bad memories pass forgotten.. sometimes i repeatedly try to force myself to remember what really happen in my past. sound funny lol. but actually the past that I most want to remember is my childhood, especially my time in kindergarten. this is the most important part in my life, haha...haha.. actually, sad and happy moment i have this time is really awesome for my memory this day... what happen in my kindergarten is the best moment i think.. everyday my grandfather send me, yeah.. in my childhood i live together with my grandfather.. he really love me like i like him.. actually the best thing happen in my kindergarten is i always cry when he left me in front of the kindergarten door.. so funny lol.. hahaha.. i cannot stop laughing at my self if i remember that moment... but its also good for me because i have something to tell some story about my past to my grandchild someday, hehe.. i think they would laugh at me latter... ahaha..

this picture have too many memory in it.. i'm at the right end... cute eh.. ^ ^