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Vaucher RM200

What can I buy with RM200? of course only book because this is government money.. NO! this is our people money! yes, our citizen money.. so we must use it wisely.. I think it is awesome for me if I can buy all the book that I really like (WOI! duaratus je pon, macamlah kau dapat sepuluhribu! hehehe), thanks people for this money...:))

1. Holy al-Quran- why? is it for graphic student? my answer is YES! why we cannot buy it? I like to travel and this is my solution if I want to bring my Quran.. small and practical.. yes, I have my android phone and I already download many quran application, but the feel for me is not the same.. I feel better if I can touch and read it manually, and of course it is more awesome if I can read, memorize, understand and practice all the speciality and order in it.

2. Pasport Musafir- this book is the travel guide for Musafir (traveller), this book teach us about "adab musafir", "amalan musafir", "panduan bersuci bagi musafir", "solat musafir", "solat dalam kenderaan", directory of emergency, ticketing, direction of kiblat, times of solat, halal food, tourism in or over the country and bla bla bla.. to many thing that I need to learn before I am going to travel around the world, and of course to the Grand Canyon..:) but I don't wanna be the traveler that just can go and have fun without based on Islamic way, we can go and have fun, but what about my solat? what about my halal food? what about if I die in my traveling activity? because travel is too risky ok, and I don't wanna die without all of this.. to risky for my afterlife right? so I hope i can be a good and better traveler guy with this thing..:))

3. Popcorn issue010- This is awesome book about illustration, and of course as a graphic student and the illustration lover i should buy this book.. and of course because puppeteer's comic illustration is inside this issue.. really love puppeteer illustration so much.. that is why my illustration style is based on puppeteer style..

4. Urban Papier Noir- of course for drawing and sketching my idea on it.. the best is the paper is not white, but comes with black and good texture paper, I hope my idea will "bagai mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum" if i use this book as my journal for my idea.. awesome is it? hehe

5. Kasino Novel- I think I need something other than comics or illustration or pictures to feed my soul, yes, I need a story, and can someone tell me some story? owh no! your story is not good as this novel even it right or you just lies to me.. I don't like the love story or something same as it, but this Kasino novel that published by FIXI is too awesome, the language, the style of story, the imagery, scientific words, based on our country story, and the protagonis and antagonis on this novel is different from traditional model that always with "karektor dengan ayat bunga-bunga".. that is what teenagers nowadays want for their soul.. not a typical malay novel, I guarantee it worth your money! no, our people money..hehe..^^

6. Pen and white pen- Of course la as a student i need stationary such as pen or pencil for my final exam this 17th January... and for this semester it is free and  I really love it, white pen for write my journal and idea in my new black sketchbook..:)

     So, this all item I just use only RM100 of my voucher.. the balance RM100? i will think and research what the thing that I should buy that really worth this voucher...:)
and about this post about the voucher, i think some people will think i'am such a idiot who tell to others what i buy with the voucher and same as "menunjuk-nunjuk".. but please think it in positive way, THIS IS MY BLOG and whatever i post in all my entry is my business as long as it's not wrong in the side of religion and our country regulation and not offend anyone, please click the x symbol in top upper right if you want only to disturb my blog, thanks all buddy that read it with sincere..:))

My 1st superbike in 3D

     In my Internship training, I just learn a new way of design. Yeah, I learn how to do motion video and graphic, and also 3D software. It is awesome! For the first time, i think 3D modelling or structure is so hard to do, and the motion graphic also is not my expertise and I not have any interest on it. But I just think I must try to learn something new for my future, so for internship training, I trying to get into motion graphic company, and I got it. Kreateevee sdn. bhd. is one of the awesome company in Asia..:)
This is what I learn and that's not easy to render it.. take me 2 days just to render the bike, just to render it okay, not including time when I design it, the motorcycle is 100% my imagination without sketches or any others plug in.

The software for this show-reel is Blender for the 3D construction, and Adobe After Effects for the montage.

P/s- The sport-rim is not completely done because it is really hard to do it with limited time and limited knowledge about 3D software. So, this show-reel is not so awesome, yeah.. I'm just newbie in 3D software.. need a lot of training, I will continue to complete this bike, maybe a better sport-rim and add some sound to this montage....Thanks for view...:)

Architectural Photography

Architecture photography is one of my interest in photography 's scope. Architectural or architecture photography sometimes means the boring photography for photographer that crazy with modelling or portrait shooting, maybe because the building or the structure is so big or cannot move or do the posing for the photographer, and maybe not sexy enough such as women model. That's why in our country we not has many architectural photography as compared to portrait or wedding photographers. It is up to them, what's type of photography is not wrong as long as they fall in love with photography.
Architectural photography is the practice of photographing building or similar structure, both inside or out. That is what wikipedia said. So, let's see my architectural photography practices in Petaling Jaya.

P/s- Thumbs up to our country for the amazing architectural. Our country was awesome too right? ^^ so, shooting in our country for now is a good exercise for me before I am going to travel to the another country. Europe, Dubai, Japan and all country over the world! wait for me....:)

Steve McCurry

     Steve McCurry is one of my favourite photojournalist.
His great work always fascinated me. His interest and enthusiasm in taking the best pictures always made me fall in love with his work.

Steve McCurry (born February 24, 1950) is an American Photojournalist best known for his photograph, "Afghan girl" that originally appeared in National Geographic magazine. I think I don't need to tell you what he has done and about his background because maybe better you read his whole stories at here wikipedia.
You may know who is Steve McCurry and why I always appreciate this man as a legend in photojournalism.
 I also have another interest in another photographer in another type of photography, such as Dave Hills in photo manipulation, Amri Ginang in fashion photography, and Saiful Nang in wedding photography.
For me, they all are too awesome and I will work harder to become better than they all. They all are professional photographer in their own field, and I really hope I can be successful in my own field.

Afghan Girl - her name is SharbatGula

all pictures taken from Steve McCurry's Blog

Steve McCurry's works is too awesome, I really fascinated with it and I will become more awesome than Steve one day, even one day i'm not become a photojournalist and become someone else, maybe designer, policeman, politician?  hehe, just kidding..  how can I be a politician? They all just born for people's money only, not good at all. 
The best about become a photojournalist is you can travel around the world using photography as your ticket, and you can see and learn many culture and study how different nations adopt their way of life.

 never saw a discontented tree.
They grip the ground as though they liked it, and
though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do.
They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind,
going and coming like ourselves,
traveling with us around the
sun two million miles a day,
and through space heaven knows how
fast and far!
-  John Muir

Sun is the King

Do you know about sun?
the king in the solar system!
after five years of quiet, the king is coming alive with solar storms.
Let's see what I get from the yahoo news.. yes! all of the information and images about the king is come from yahoo news, I don't need to ask NASA or travel to the sun just to get the info, thanks yahoo..
so, this is technology, without having to go anywhere or waste my time, I can get the information about anything.
Hmm.. Do you think we can travel to the sun?
awesome is it?

This image provided Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by NASA shows an eruptive prominence blasting away from the sun March 30, 2010 observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. NASA on Wednesday unveiled the first images from the new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms, and scientists say they're already learning new things. (AP Photo/NASA)

This image provided Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by NASA shows an eruptive prominence blasting away from the sun, upper left, March 30, 2010 observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. NASA on Wednesday unveiled the first images from the new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms, and scientists say they're already learning new things. (AP Photo/NASA)

This image provided by NASA shows giant sun spot activity Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, from a region on the sun that scientists are calling a "benevolent monster." After years of quiet, the sun is coming alive with solar storms in a big way. (AP Photo/NASA)

the sun is awesome! ''god's creation always awesome'' - my words

P/s- Mashaallah.. yes,  sun is the king in solar system, the one who's create this King is our god.. So who is the king now?

Introduce myself!

Assalammualaikum and hi! I feel that I have not introduced myself yet on this blog, actually, I have two more blog, one is my personal blog and its secret for you all yeah..second is my blog about sports and this is my third blog about my photography and design stuff.. because of my professional development task I need to do it but not as a burden and I love it .. So enjoy this reading.. honestly I do not have many stories that make people fascinated, but this is my story and I love my story..^ ^
one more again, Beware of my grammar, it's totally bad and unprofessional.

The first..
This is what I love to do!

one of my goal, create a studio in my house within 3 years!
But I am really love Photojournalism and travel photography compare to the other type of photography..
because I love TRAVEL so much.

Yes! TRAVEL to grand canyon is one of my dream!
will never forget this.

awesome!!! god's creation is really awesome!

ILLUSTRATION! this is my passion to!
but now I do not have enough time for this.. urgghh 
memories of the past..
my progress to illustrated the my future superbike!
emm.. maybe not this bike but Ducati classic sport 1000c is one of my target..:)


acrylic painting

MUSIC? yes! really love it, but when it comes to music, I prefer sound around myself..
music that comes from nature, that's why I really love camping..
sleep in the jungle and you will know why it is so awesome..

and I love my FRIENDS so much..
love you all yaw...:)

I am a designer, photographer, runner and a fighter in this small awesome world!
that's all.
I hope you all enjoy with this lazy blog, 
and hopefully I did not speak again with robot ..

I know you can't hear me, but you can see me, so WATCH ME!!! :)))

P/s- bla bla bla.. sometimes I'm sound like nonsense..-.-".. ugghh!

Street photography - Singapore

singaporean runner

Grain and noise also some part of art isn't it?